Consulting Services


From surveying diversity and inclusion practices (as well as perceptions) in your workplace to engaging the hearts and minds of your employees on the value of diversity, we help your organization drive awareness and, when needed, improvement. PMP can help you benchmark your diversity and inclusion performance against industry peers, and help you develop and implement a plan for promoting an organizational culture that brings out the best in your entire workforce — in all its diversity.


Immersive leadership development and the positive impact it has on succession planning can be a critical long-term competitive advantage in today’s global business environment — if it’s done right. We help your organization assess and develop leadership by engaging with existing and emerging leaders in the context of your unique workplace to determine leadership abilities and aptitude, cultural fit, and capacity for personal, team and organizational growth. We also coach existing and future leaders to help them prepare to take on their next role within the company.


No search firm has a comparable breadth or depth of HR knowledge as Pivot Management Partners, gleaned from advising hundreds of the best known global companies on their HR practices, policies and operations, as well as helping to build HR infrastructure and define HR strategy at numerous other companies. Whether it is industry benchmarking, targeted examination of specific HR practices and policies, or a comprehensive audit of your organization’s HR functioning, our expertise is unmatched against our peers.


As business partners and advisors to our clients, we provide in-depth analysis of the availability and quality of talent in the marketplace, as well as compensation analysis within our client’s industry. Our clients value this insight when evaluating whether to recruit a new executive or expand into a new market or line of business.


PMP delivers dynamic, highly interactive live and web-based training on preventing sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful workplace harassment. Our training programs are customized based on your organization’s unique business needs and challenges and, most importantly, are effective and well-received by the participants. With heightened scrutiny on how employers are responding to pervasive gender inequalities, emanating from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, ensuring that your organization is not caught off-guard and is proactively taking the right steps to address these issues has never been more important.


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