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I helped settle million-dollar contracts for everyone from Derek Jeter to Kenny Rogers, here are the 3 best negotiation tips I can give you

Business Insider, Scott Gilly, July 15, 2017

Every year, many Major League Baseball players who are unable to settle their contracts wind up in salary arbitration, and how they handle that process — their strategies, and even their demeanor in the hearing room — has a big impact on whether they win or lose.
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Neil Phillips: Race to Truth

All men are not valued equally, and this is the truth with which we must contend most fiercely and most honestly.
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MY ADVICE TO THE HARVARD PRESIDENT SEARCH COMMITTEE (and to any organization seeking a new leader)

Scott Gilly, August 14, 2017

Higher costs, lower budgets, smaller enrollment, faculty resistance to change, campus politics, and public disenchantment are just some of issues higher education leaders face.
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What Google Should Do Now

Scott Gilly, August 25, 2017

The attention surrounding the viral Google memo has died down. Now comes the hard part. Now that no one is watching, will Pichai let the issue fade, or will he sit down with his workforce and make sure everyone is heard, if not agreed with?
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What the NBA Draft Can Teach Us About Team Building

Scott Gilly, June 21, 2017

Watching people sit around a table on the phone during the NBA draft is hardly riveting TV. But for those of us who build teams in the business world, the NBA draft and other sports drafts offer valuable lessons.
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TNP 2016 Audience Award Winner: Norman Lear & Neil Phillips

For a few precious moments, the walls between us, within us, and around us, came down.
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